I was thinking about this question as I was looking through Facebook. How does someone whether a bride, school official, or corporate employee know how to pick a professional DJ?

Remember, it is not good advice to pick the lowest priced DJ, but how do you know if he is worth the price?

A Website? – Does the website look professional and is it updated often? Does it look like it was designed in the 1990s when the internet first came out? If the DJ cannot take the time or spend money to update their website, do you think they will take the time to make sure your event goes the way you want it to?

What is in a name? – Does the DJ go by a club name like DJ – [funny name here]? Do you want a club DJ then great!

Can I email you? – Does the DJ have an email that ends with google, hotmail, yahoo, etc? If they do they are most likely hobbyists and to them you are only a side job and not a customer.

Do you like our speakers? – Is the DJ more concerned telling you about his equipment and cool lights, instead of talking to YOU about YOUR event? Yes, it is important to know if his dance floor lighting is 2 lights or a dozen, but if that is all he cares about, he might not care how your event goes.

Did you meet your DJ? – This is one of the most important things you can do prior to your event. The DJ / MC will be part of your special day and if you cannot get along or do not like how they work then your event could turn into a disaster.

Do you like my tie? – Does the the DJ dress professionally? Remember, you do not want someone who looks bad on your special day. Also, how does their equipment setup look like? Is it clean and wires hidden as much as possible? Do they have advertising around them? This is YOUR event and it is about YOU, not the DJ.

Those are the few things that stuck out at me, but I’m sure I could think of many reasons to hire a professional DJ and not just one because he is the cheapest!