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With BeatBox Entertainment it’s about you and your day. We work closely with you to prepare the formal aspects of your wedding. It does not matter if you choose to have an introduction of the bridal party , introduction of bride and groom, 1st dance , dances with parents , toasts , cake-cutting, bouquet , garter, and a farewell dance, we will make sure everything goes as planned.  No matter if your wedding is very detailed or as simple as you want it to be, we can help with planning your special day and make it memorable.  We can provide all the ceremony and reception music at one flat rate!  Also, up-lighting is included for all of our wedding clients.

Private / Corporate Events

BeatBox Entertainment is happy to provide services for your special event. From large formal banquets to small office affairs we are your DJ of choice. Whether your preference is jazz in the background or dancing the night away, we are well equipped to meet your needs. We understand the importance of a successful party and we will represent your company to the highest level of professionalism. We are real DJ's mixing a seamless stream of music, bringing your dance floor to life. BeatBox Entertainment works closely with many companies holding their event throughout Wisconsin and we are familiar with most venues and their sound requirements, making your planning a breeze. We also work with you and make suggestions on party favors, themes, and party gifts. Our online tool makes planning easier and will eliminate any miscommunication. We are always available for phone/online meetings and once you choose us, just show up and have fun.

School Events

We utilize high tech concert and club style lighting effects to give your students a school dance that they have never experienced before. We will help your student council or prom committee plan, design, and prepare for your event. We will help you sell tickets, market, and promote your celebration to the entire student body. School dances are our passion. Students love us because of our high energy lighting designs, chest pounding bass, and up to date music catalog. Faculty and staff love us because of custom clean edit music, care for student safety, and crowd control. Trust us, no other company in the state can bring your school what we can. To become a part of our fall homecoming tour, or our spring prom tour please contact us now, dates are very limited and fill up quite fast!

Wedding Officiant

Your wedding ceremony is the most important part of your day, we will hear your wedding ceremony ideas, and work with you to personalize and customize the perfect and most memorable ceremony.   We specialize in solemnizing the relationships of engaged couples. We can do religious, or non-religious ceremonies or even informal quick ceremonies that meet legal requirements.


Even corporate events, a custom gobo allows for brand promotion by displaying company logos near the entrance, around the conference room or on the dance floor.  Custom gobos are great for weddings, as they allow couples to have a unique projection that is truly their own as part of the celebration. Custom gobos are perfect for birthday parties, anniversaries, and holiday parties.


Why not give your event venue a little more excitement?  Your guests will love the way the lights light up the room.  At BeatBox Entertainment, all of our up-lights are 100% wireless. The lights actually have lithium ion batteries inside them. This means no messy cords and nothing taped to the floor/carpet. We’ve got the freedom to place lights anywhere we want. When a couple asks me if she can have lights underneath a table, in a unused fireplace, on a mantel, or even on a window sill, the answer is always yes. Most function managers at high end venues actually require vendors use wireless lights in their facilities. They, just like most couples, don’t want to see wires running all over the room. It’s ugly, and a safety hazard!


Let your guests be the star of the show or host a singing contest.  We have a large collection of karaoke songs to choose from, all of which include music and lyrics that flash across our custom screen setup.  Our setup includes a monitor speaker so your guests can hear themselves without having to worry about microphone feedback.  We also include four wireless microphones, so you and your friends can sing all at the same time.  A fun party is only best with a fun karaoke host. We will set-up, run, and clean up the show, organize karaoke requests, and sing a few tunes to show the crowd how it's done!